INSPIRATION: Beyond Limitations

When I was younger, I used to get inspired from anything, anywhere, at any given time. I could not control it or expect it, it just happened.  Similar to Star Wars, it was like a force infused with a “supernatural” high. A sudden burst of energy – adrenaline coursing through the brain connecting to the flow. In the end, it produces a product that was always satisfactory to myself and others.

Now, that I’m older, it has become that much more difficult to find inspiration. In the beginning, I was searching, thirsting for it. I felt like a well – drying up fast. I become desperate until one day the writer’s block was so hefty in size that the flow in my creativity ceased for about 2 to 3 years.

I lost myself, my voice. Like Maya Angelou, for a time, I remained silent in my writing except academically. Then, it seemed like everyone was asking me about my writing. “Have you written anything new?” “You need to keep writing.” Etc. Etc. It made me feel incompetent, empty.

Then, one of my inspirational, favorite people, whom I can’t reveal at this time, told me, “Inspiration is around you. It can be found everywhere, anywhere.” Once he reminded me of that, the creative juices started flowing exponentially. I was back!!! However, I could tell that my writing went through a metamorphosis. It transformed; as a result, I grew. I was just so thankful to him that I shared what I had written with him. And he provided a in-depth analysis. I was enthralled! He enjoyed it. The writer’s block just magically went away.

In addition, the topic of inspirational poetry. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all the categories of poetry. But most people don’t write just inspirational poetry. People go through many stages and phases of life. So to expect it to remain the same is very obtuse thinking.

But an individual wanted me to read of my poems, but she wanted it to only be inspirational poetry about life. I told her that I write about life. What I’m experiencing in that moment, what I’m witnessing or feeling, it’s life. A stage or a phase I’m going through.

I’m saying that to say this. No one wants to read about “happy-go-lucky”, “lovey-dovey” stuff all the time. Because no one will be able to relate to it…People thrive on pain and chaos. Why? Because happiness, depression, sadness, loneliness…all of these are apart of life.

For one person or persons to be able to express this through any art form is commendable. There are so many people who cannot or will not express what is going on with them. They will rather take it to their graves. It takes courage to write, to sing, to paint, etc. to be able to COMMUNICATE.

All of this is inspiration within itself! Like my anonymous person said, “Inspiration can be found anywhere. It’s all around us.” To limit it just to what one thinks it should be….creativity slowly dies; and. the flow stalls like a car refuses to start or go.

Expand the mind, and let INSPIRATION flow! Break off the valve and sees what happens! It’s limitless with possibilities and opportunities!!!

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